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Alignment: Lawful Evil
Leadership: Oligarchy
Motto: "When you're at the end of your rope, we'll be waiting..."
Current Companies
  • Vox Silentii
  • Halo of Flies
  • The Order of the Angels of Light
Purpose: Provide a haven for all those that walk the darker path. Build an infamous hub for underhanded contractors, questionable merchants, and followers of things decidedly unholy. We will heavily focus on training and supporting any aspect that is mechanically considered evil and therefore restricted for most other settlements.

Company Membership: Any company that meets the alignment prerequisites (LE,NE,LN) may join. Companies (and individuals for that matter) are free to come and go or participate in settlement management as little or as much as they wish. Company agency is left to their respective members.

General Rules: Anyone is free to enter our settlement and do business within it's walls. As the mechanics are still somewhat unknown we will aim towards the lightest touch to maintain order. We're evil, not anarchists, take your fights outside. Reputation goes a long way even with us, keep yourself in good standing and you'll have less problems.

As members of the Aeonian League we strive to create an encompassing and welcoming community without overly excessive shackles limiting our membership's chosen play-styles. That said, agreements and treaties are still important and help to insure our continued existence and general goodwill, all members are expected to adhere to such agreements when acting on behalf of Hope's End or themselves.

Any questions can be directed to or PM Duffy on the Paizo boards or Duffy Swiftshadow on this site.

Join us, and together we can build a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the River Kingdoms have ever seen.